“Give Me One Day And I’ll Show You the Secrets to Writing Great Copy so You Can Save Yourself a Fortune!”

If you…

  • Know how important good copy is yet you struggle to write what you want to say…
  • Find writing copy a bit intimidating because it’s not the same as the writing you were taught at school…
  • Would like to save money and have more control by NOT hiring professional copywriters…

Hot Office, Aylesbury

Hot Office, Aylesbury. Where we’ll be meeting – plenty of free parking.

And you still…

  • Want copy that converts AND that you can be proud of because it’s NOT manipulative or sleazy…

…then you’re in the right place!

Does this sound like you…

  • Your marketing doesn’t get the results you want?
  • Your website doesn’t bring in the enquiries or leads you’d like?
  • Your sales letters just aren’t selling?
  • Your business isn’t as profitable as you’d like it to be?
  • And you don’t know what to do or where to turn to fix the problems?

Let me reassure you…

There is a solution! And I’m here to tell you all about it.

So, who am I and why should you listen to me?


Hi, my name’s Penny Dablin and I am a direct-response copywriter and copywriting trainer based in the UK. I’ve worked with people like Michele PW, Fiona Harrold and other coaches and consultants both in the US and the UK, writing copy that has brought in $’000s.

I’ve studied with some of the big names in copywriting training including John Carlton, Lorrie Morgan-Ferraro, David Garfinkel and the American Writers & Artists Inc.

In short, I love learning and I love teaching what I know.

This is a brilliant course…

“This is a brilliant course that leads you step-by-step with clear graphics and instructions – makes writing copy as easy as doing a jigsaw – and you’re told where each piece should go. If you’ve been struggling writing the copy for your website or your marketing materials and not really knowing where to begin, and so consequently not getting started at all, take this course – you won’t regret it! The best thing is you’ll also be acquiring a tool for life and will be well-equipped to write all your copy and sales pages in the future.”
Linda Anderson, Tap Into Your Success.


How can I help you write copy that converts?

I’m running a VIP Mastermind Day on Friday 7th March 2014 in Aylesbury where we’ll focus on writing copy for your business.

This will be…

  • Copy that gets read
  • Copy that converts
  • And copy that jumps off the page and has your prospects leaping for their credit cards

By the end of the day you’ll have a GREAT piece of copy ready to use in your business.

You’ll do the writing, I’ll do the teaching.

You write as you learn which helps consolidate the information. And you have me there in person to give you feedback and fine tune your work to make it strong, powerful, writing that sells.

Imagine how your business will look when you can write excellent copy…

  • You’ll write engaging content that builds the know, like and trust factors
  • You’ll write sales letters that sizzle and sell more products and services
  • You’ll cut your writing time dramatically as you no longer waste time with indecision, woffling and irrelevancies
  • You’ll start landing new clients consistently with your words.

What is this VIP Mastermind Day?


  • A whole day (10am to 4pm) to focus on copy for your business – we can get a whole heap done during this day
  • A course – you’ll learn how to write your own copy and you’ll be doing the writing there and then in the room
  • Having an expert write your copy with you – I’ll be looking at everything you write and helping you make it even better, more focused and more effective
  • Having a group of like-minded people helping you create the best sales copy possible – this is the power of a Mastermind group and a fresh perspective on your sales message.

And it’s going to be intimate and intense. I’m limiting this day to just 4 attendees to allow ample time for me to work with each person.

You’ll get your own turn in the Hot Seat where we’ll take your piece of copy and work on it as a group. That way you’ll get different “prospects” viewpoints not just my ideas.

What you’ll need to do before the day

There’s a small amount of preparation to make sure we’re ready to go on the day.

For you, that involves deciding what piece of copy you want to work on during the day.

It could be…

  • A web page, for example your home page
  • A sales page for a particular product or service
  • A direct mail letter to bring in enquiries and/or sales
  • A sequence of emails for an autoresponder series
  • Or anything else you want to work on!

And I’ll ask you to complete a short questionnaire which will allow me to do my preparation – learning about your business ahead of time!

So, what’s the investment?

I’ve been researching similar courses and VIP days and the “going rate” seems to be anything from £1500 to £5000. Indeed, I’ve just received an email promoting an online copywriting course priced at $13,999!

Personally I think that’s ridiculous. There is no justification to my mind in charging that kind of sky-high fee.

I want ordinary small business owners like you to be able to benefit from this day so I’ve priced it at the very reasonable sum of £297.

The value you will be getting from the day is immense.

You will…

  • Save hundreds or thousands of pounds by not paying for professional copywriting in the future…
  • Stop wasting money on marketing that doesn’t get the response you need to make your business hugely profitable…
  • Have a skill you can rely on for the rest of the life of your business.

I have personally invested well over £10000 in my copywriting education over the last 5 years – you can discover all this for just £297.

For that you not only get to spend the day with me and three other wonderful business owners writing your own copy with expert help and assistance, you also get some very valuable bonuses.

Here are Your Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Free Access to my Sizzling Sales Copy video training.

monitor-sizzle-wbgBecause I know you won’t be able to take in everything I teach in one day, I’m going to give you access to my Sizzling Sales Copy course. This is a series of 23 bite-sized video lessons (all bar one of these videos is under 10 minutes in length) where I teach the principals of writing Sales Copy that Sizzles. It will be a good refresher for you in the months to come. This course normally sells for between £197 and £297.

And it includes a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get feedback on your copy ideas.

Bonus #2 – Free Copy Reviews

I understand you’ll still be finding your feet with writing your own copy after our VIP Day so I’m also going to give you 3 free copy critiques over the next 12 months. You write your copy and send it to me, then we’ll either spend 20-30 minutes on the phone or I’ll write you an indepth report where I’ll review your writing and make suggestions to really make it sizzle.

Bonus #3 – Discount on any further Copy Reviews

Discount50And if that’s not enough, I’ll also let you have any additional copy critiques at a £50 discount on my normal fee of £97. For you, they will be just £47 each.

Bonus #4 – I pay for lunch!

When you join me for the VIP Mastermind Day we’ll be working through from 10am to 4pm so I reckoned we’d need some lunch. I’ve arranged for a “Working Lunch” to be delivered – and I’ll pick up the tab!

So, to recap…

When you join me for the VIP Mastermind Day you get…

  • Copywriting training so you know how to write copy that gets results
  • Hot Seat review of your own piece of copy that you’ve written on the day
  • Free access to the online Sizzling Sales Copy course as a back up to what you’ve learned
  • 3 FREE copy reviews in the 12 months after the event
  • £50 discount on any further copy reviews you request within the 12 months after the event
  • Lunch on the day

All for just £297.

It’s Decision Time

Now you have a choice – are you going to join me and three other success minded business people to write your copy in a day?

Or are you going to pass up this opportunity and continue to struggle every time you have to write any copy for your business?

I know which I’d choose…

Or, if you’d rather spread the cost, you can opt for two payments of £150, one immediately and one in a month’s time. You’ll have attended the day and written your copy before the second payment is due.

Click below for the 2-pay option.

Here’s what some of my Sizzling Sales Copy students had to say about the course. Remember, you get access to this course as a bonus for joining me on the VIP Mastermind Day.

It’s really opened my eyes…

“The course is very, very informative and thought provoking. I love having the bite sized chunks to work through. It’s not too much each day to be off-putting, but enough to get your mind working. As someone with no previous experience, it’s really opened my eyes and given me a great structure for future pieces.”
Lizzie Adamson-Brown, Positively PA.


Made a sale the very next day!

Rhonda“Before taking Penny’s Sizzling Copy course I felt completely unable to write any compelling copy. During the course my confidence grew and I wrote a one-time-offer sales page – and made a sale the very next day!”

Rhonda Neely, Marriage by Redesign

Or make two installments. Click below for the 2-pay option.