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Did you know “ is now selling more Kindle books
than paperback books.”
  (Amazon Press Release 27th January 2011)


As a publisher I’m sure you want your books on as many platforms as possible – including the Amazon Kindle.  You don’t want to lose money by not having an electronic version available.

But if you’ve ever looked into how to convert a manuscript for the Kindle you may have come away confused, bewildered and frustrated by the process.

And there’s worse…  “Don’t buy the Kindle version…” scream the Amazon reviews of otherwise excellent books.


Because the books haven’t been formatted properly for the device.

Too many Kindle versions of published books leave the readers disgruntled and unhappy, particularly when the book contains pictures, tables or technical diagrams.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

However, formatting a book for the Kindle is not as straightforward as some people like to claim.  If you just upload a Word document there will be formatting problems.

If you upload a .pdf file the readability tends to be even worse.

Your authors deserve better.   And your readers deserve better.

That’s where we come in.

At Client Company we specialise in converting manuscripts for the Kindle.  We have studied the requirements carefully and have determined the best way of solving the formatting problems.

You are publishers, not technogeeks.  Your skills and strengths are in publishing, marketing and print.

At Client Company we are technogeeks!  The founder of the company and chief manuscript convertor, Client, has many years experience as a software programmer and systems developer.  He is in his element with the technological challenges the Kindle presents.  He lives and breathes HTML and CSS.  He loves it!

To give you an idea of what’s involved, this is an overview of the seven-step process we follow with each and every manuscript we convert:

Step 1.  Prepare the manuscript in order to reduce clean up time later

Step 2.  Export manuscript to HTML format for a browser readable file

Step 3.  Collate front and back cover images so that they appear in the right place on the Kindle

Step 4.  Create .ncs and .opf files.  These files enable the Kindle to navigate the book correctly and give the status bar at the foot of the screen

Step 5.  Clean up the HTML file and create a CSS file. This step will reduce the file size significantly, ensure consistent formatting throughout, and make the book easier to read

Step 6.  Convert HTML file to .mobi format which is the format the Kindle uses.

Step 7.  Check the end result and make any further changes as necessary.  Note, we eyeball every single page to ensure it looks the way the publisher intended.


As you can see, we do a thorough job.  And the end result will work seamlessly on the Kindle and other small display e-readers.

“It was wonderful to get an opportunity to work with Ian, I really like the way he dealt with my book. [Amongst other things] he also nicely integrated the sections in italic that I put throughout the book to emphasise certain points. I had been thinking about doing the Kindle conversion myself, but just didn’t fancy thinking about all those niggly details. I am very happy with the end result!”
[Testimonial Giver]

Having your books available for the Kindle will give you:

  • a whole new market place
  • more customers
  • more sales
  • and ultimately more profits

Using [Client Company] to prepare your books for the Kindle will give you:

  • A file ready to upload which will read properly from the front cover right through to the back.
  • A file that is navigable with ease and has the status bar visible throughout
  • A sleek, slimmed down file not bloated with a lot of unnecessary generated code
  • Peace of mind knowing the job has been done properly
  • Time to focus on what you do well rather than trying to learn a whole bunch of new skills.


Don’t miss out on the Kindle publishing revolution…

As you can appreciate, with our attention to detail, we can only handle a few projects each week.  Each book is treated individually – and that takes time, care and consideration.  Our capacity is limited so for our earliest consideration you will need to act now.

For an immediate quotation and to book a time slot, just email your manuscript (Word or pdf format) to client@ClientCompany.  We will come back to you with a price and a delivery time within 24 hours.

“It is good to be working with a professional.” 
[Testimonial Giver]

And if you still have a few questions you want answered first then call [phonenumber] or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help make your business more profitable.

Yours sincerely


Client name

P.S.  The sooner we can get started converting your manuscript, the sooner you can have a Kindle version available for sale.  Send us your manuscript today.