Are you the world’s best kept secret?
Are you struggling to sell your products, seminars and coaching services?

“If You’re A Coach Who Wants More Clients, Be Sure To Read Every Single Word Of This Letter…
It’s THAT Important!”

You’re about to discover a proven system to:

  • Sell more products…
  • Attract more leads…
  • …And grow your business massively!
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Penny Dablin

Do you feel you have a calling to make a difference in people’s lives and in the world?

Are you continually frustrated because you can’t seem to get enough clients and you’re not getting your skills out effectively?

Maybe you’re even getting ready to quit following your heart and your calling because you just can’t make coaching pay!

But the truth is…

People need your services.

The world needs the transformation you can bring… and you know you can make a huge difference in your client’s lives!

So, What’s The Problem?

Most coaches are hugely passionate about what they do – they know they make a tremendous difference in people’s lives.

But they don’t have the time or the skills to tell people about the transformations they can achieve.

If you’re a coach with no paying clients – you don’t have a business!

If you don’t sell effectively – you won’t land any clients!

If you don’t market yourself – you won’t attract prospects and enquirers to sell to!

And ultimately your marketing is driven by the words you use on your website, in your brochures and in your advertising.

These words are called ‘copy’.

  • Powerful and inspiring copy presents you and your business effectively.
  • Powerful and inspiring copy positions you and your unique skills and talents so you stand out from the crowd.
  • Powerful and inspiring copy attracts customers and clients. It’s like a magnet drawing the ideal visitor into a relationship with you.

The biggest problem you have is that most coach training schools don’t teach you anything about how to write copy or market yourself as a coach. They teach you the coaching skills, give you a certificate – and then you’re on your own.

That’s why many coaches struggle to attract enough clients to make their business profitable!

Because writing good copy is a skill – and it’s a skill you’ve never been taught. It’s not the same as the essay writing you did at school or college. It’s not the same as writing business letters. And it’s not the same as writing fiction.

I’ve also found that many coaches, therapists and other heart-centred entrepreneurs HATE the idea of ‘selling’. They feel somehow sleazy about promoting themselves.

And yet…

  • Without promotion you won’t have any clients
  • And without clients you won’t have any business!

And, even worse, without effectively communicating what you can do, the people you can most help won’t even know you exist!

Just imagine…

Imagine how your business will look when you have as many clients as you can handle. When people come to your website – and stay around! They read about you and your services and they want to find out more.

How does that feel?

Good? Exciting? Thrilling even?

That’s what can happen when the words on your website are clearly communicating your message and your uniqueness.

It is exciting!

And just continue to imagine for a moment what a full diary of happy clients will mean to you…

More people helped…

More lives positively impacted…

And of course… more clients means more profit!

More money in your pocket means more freedom and more choices about how you spend it or save it…

Perhaps you’ll buy your dream home.

Perhaps you’ll be able to treat your family.

Perhaps you’ll take exotic holidays or buy a fancy new car.

Or perhaps you’ll just be perfectly satisfied knowing all your bills are paid and there’s money left at the end of the month.

The best part is… you get to choose.

And it all starts with getting your skills and your uniqueness clearly expressed on your website and on your sales letters and in your advertising.

That’s where I come in.

Let me create an inspiring message for your sales page or website…
A message that attracts clients easily…

My name is Penny Dablin and I’m a copywriter specialising in writing copy for coaches, healers and alternative therapists.

When you hire me to work on your marketing messages you will:

  • Reach the prospects you’ve missed in the past – these are people you can help who never realised it before!
  • Fill your seminars – no more banks of empty seats staring out at you reproachfully
  • Sell more products straight from the web page – the reality of passive income!
  • Attract more people to buy your one-to-one services so you can reach more of the people you are meant to help – and that’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Best of all, you won’t have to suffer the pain and frustration of sweating over the keyboard trying to do it all yourself!


Your time is much better spent fulfilling your mission of helping the people you were uniquely created to help…

While allowing me to fulfil my mission of helping people like you – coaches, healers and alternative therapists – get your message out into the world.

“So, how does it work?”

I’m glad you asked!

Our relationship starts with you completing the Copy Request Form below to let me know a bit more about your business, and when you can be available for a 30 minute telephone consultation.

During that consultation we will agree the scope of the work and when you need it done. I have a Project Questionnaire we will go through. This enables me to fully understand all of your requirements allowing me to create a sales page that really works for you.

Once we decide to work together you pay a 50% deposit to secure the time slot and I’ll produce the first draft within 7-10 days. You’ll then have 30 days to review it, test it and ask for edits. This may involve further telephone and/or email communication within the 30 days.

Writing copy is a collaborative process — we work together to get the best possible results for you.

“Sounds like a good idea – but how much is this going to cost me?”

The honest truth is… I don’t know yet!

My rates range from £500 – £2000 per project ($750 – $3000) depending on the size of the commission and how much revenue it’s likely to generate for you. So if you’re not willing to invest that kind of money on the long term health of your business then we’re probably not a good match – please don’t waste your time (or mine) by enquiring!

However, if the future of your business is worth that level of investment I’d love to chat with you!

Complete the Copy Request Form below and let’s get your Telephone Consultation into the diary. During the consultation I will be able to assess the size of the project and let you know my fee.

There’s absolutely No Obligation at this point.

The call will also give us an opportunity to decide if we’re a good fit and if we can work together happily. By the end of the call I’ll know if I want to work with you, and you’ll know if you want to work with me.

All I ask from you is that you give me either an enthusiastic “Yes” or a courteous “No thank you” by the end of the call. “I’ll think about it” is not an option as it just wastes everyone’s time.

I think that’s fair to both of us, don’t you?

And to make it even sweeter…

You Get A Free Website Review…

As a bonus for taking action and requesting a Free Consultation, I will also give you my “10-Point Website Copy Health Check”.

This is an in-depth assessment of your current website copy. Like an MOT test for your car I check 10 critical aspects of your website copy to ensure your site is working as well as it can be.

If the website “fails” the Health Check on any points then I will make recommendations for remedial action. I will deliver the results of the “10-Point Website Copy Health Check” during our Telephone Consultation so you know you will gain some useful information about the health of your website even if we decide not to work together.

In addition, you can test out my copy with absolutely NO RISK!

100% satisfaction guarantee sticker

My Cast-Iron Guarantee:

If the copy I write for you doesn’t massively outperform your current results then you owe me NOTHING!

Here’s how that works:

If you use my copy and it doesn’t perform measurably better than what you had before then I will refund the deposit you paid – IN FULL – and you owe me nothing!

Contact me today and start…
selling more products…
attracting more leads…
and massively growing your business!

    On receipt of your request I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule our initial telephone consultation.

    I’m looking forward to helping you create the business you deserve!

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    Penny Dablin

    P.S. I only have space to take 3 new clients this month so contact me now to get started immediately.

    P.P.S. Remember, there is absolutely no risk when you try out my copywriting skills. If you don’t get results from my copy, you pay me NOTHING! Contact me now!